My cousin thinks it would do good as a tv series.

My cousin thinks the book would do good as a tv series.  He said it could be tweaked to make it available on television.  I understand that it could be done that way.

My thinking always was,  that The SUPERmarket Guy was designed for a major motion picture.  The title itself speaks volumes.  The character has no super powers.  He has only a few Super qualities.  One,  being athletic,  and second,  forgiving and something else in the end of the book that he does is quite wonderful.

The only question we have,  is who could play the lead role.  There is no young Jim Carey out there.  Chevy Chase is still handsome and funny,  but he would get rammed in the football game at his age.

They say be patient.  Maybe things will come together. I put 5 books on sale at the local bookstore here through consignment.  I have to decide if it is worth it to drive down to the big southern New Brunswick bookstores to deliver some there to be sold.  Just that the cost to go there is 60 bucks in gas return. Now, take away that from my book profit and it may not be a way to go.  I will try perhaps,  to do it by mail.  However, this first litmus test in Bathurst will tell me how well they do sell.  Maybe..  Till then...


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