My cousin read the book!

My cousin is a wonderful journalist.  He gave my book a B plus,  and he enjoyed the story very much.  I received my shipment of 50 books from Dog Ear.  Man,  do they ever smell good. What is it about a new, fresh,  never opened book to fill your senses.  The scent of the paper,  the smooth touch of the glossy cover.  The ideas  and places that a person takes on the new journey...   Spectacular...  Buy the Supermarket Guy now,  and the faster I can get to the publisher Part 2,   Rise Of The Market Overlord  ; )

Besides that,  I have to go wednesday to the bookstore to get some books on the shelf.  I will wax them with MgGuires wax,  the best wax in town.  I may even put in a few signatures in there,  and a few notes of tips of the  week.  No,  I better just keep it simple.  Simple as a pimple...  Till then,  I have to go put up my moose scaffold and drink a case of beer tomorrow... Wish me luck on not falling out of the stand..


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