My book is in the humor fiction list on

I must say,  the best Amazon system for myself,  was actually put me on a list with 60 or so new comedy releases for 90 days,  with myself in around at 45 out of the total.  They still has me at # 1 in relevance ranking for new books at the 90 day new release mark. does have me fairly up the scale in relevance,  but not in the top 20.  Same as, now all with the same lists of books.  These lists are different for each country amazon is in.

I thought these sites were all the same,  but they cannot be directed all the same.  You see minute differences in each one.  I would actually like to contact a book reviewer who has a blog,  and give a contest to win books.  But,  for now I find myself still busy with other affairs around the house, that does not allow me to get the time to put into the work for the book to try to promote it a little bit.  Till then...


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