It was just by chance.

It was just by chance,  or per chance.  That the main character elevated his fortune from havoc to incredibly stable.  This is another fascinating element of my book.  I am sure in life,  many people can go somewhere and say,  it was by chance that I seen this person at such a time,  at such a place,  because of some reason or other.  By chance,  fate, divinity, or coincidence has always intrigued everyone.

It was not by chance that I was at the Acadian Festival in Caraquet.  My relatives are from that area,  and we were in the midst of the crowd.  People were hooping,  banging pots and pans,  and dressed in some pretty imaginative costumes.  It was a wonderful celebration,  with thousands of people in the streets.  My wife,  by chance met some of her old classmates there,  and had a fantastic time.  One of her school teachers she had not seen in 15 years,  she met 3 times during her small visit of a few days there.  Was it by chance,  that this occured?    Till then...


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