Indicated to the guys at work that I wrote a book!

I went into work last night.  I told one of the guys who always teases me,  "Oh, here comes the artist. The artist!".  And, then comments like,  "He is a poet who doesn't know it!".

So I told him,  and other shift members there,  that I wrote a book.  He looked at me,  and said,  you are sh**ing me man.  I said no,  here is my card.  My business card,  one out of 2000 from Dog Ear Publishing.  He started to laugh and dismissed my reality for a trick.

At any rate,  a few believed me.  That is, on my own shift.  And,  they took the news pretty normally.  Like,  one of them said,  "I would not put that past you one bit,  you crazy f#$#@er".

That is pretty much the response I got from work.  Yippie Kiyiae...  Till then...


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