He who has the last laugh..

In my book,  you will find allot of people that has the last laugh.  Mostly the main character,  who dodges and veers away from danger, most of the time, like Muhammad Ali.  Just like his famous words,  "I am going to float like a butterfly, I sting like a bee".  For some people, it was just that natural in life to do what he did best.  In my opinion, this guy was the greatest heavyweight champion of all time.

Someone talked a little while ago about Karma.  The way he thought of it,  was when you do something to someone else,  as time goes by there is a an after effect.  When someone does something bad to someone,  the persons luck gets worse.  When you do something good to someone,  his luck gets better.  Very interesting concept,  which can be seen to a degree to certain characters in the book.

There is no doubt,  the main character is sometimes often misunderstood or believed by others to have certain talents he does not possess.  Till then...


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