Friends at work love my cover for my book!

My friends at work,  love the cover of my book.  One joked,  that he did not think there was one operator who could let alone read.  Yet write a book...  That was a good one!  He was making fun of me and my crew.  One of my cousins got wind of it that I wrote a book.  He wanted one.  Then another cousin bought one,  now another cousin who knew that cousin wants one.  It is spreading like a glob of dream whip hitting a ceiling fan...  One noted that I could probably sell 100 books just at work,  since I get along well with the staff there  (approx. 110 people at our workplace).  I found it strange how the people at work wanted me to sign the front cover.  I warned them,  the value of the book may go down,  not up...  These things are hard to ascertain.

They did not believe that I did the cover.  I told them I had little choice,  to have the desired effect on the cover. As noted before, I was not sure,  how some other designer would do it.  I am sure a graphic art designer would have done a good job also.  Just,  that over the phone,  and using clip art,  I was not really sure.  Have a good evening,  till next time...


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