Elephants love peanuts!

Elephants love peanuts...  If I was one,  I am sure he would walk on me.  Just that would be my luck.  My book went back up the scales a little bit.  I am unsure if it has to do with my supervisors mass advertising scheme, or my excellent comedy writing.  My cousin is reading it now,  he will tell me truly what he thinks of it in no time.  He likes watching wrestling,  so he will put me in the headlock if he does not like it.

I will receive the shipment of books this week sometime.  I then will go to the local bookstores,  and give it a try to see how well it does.  I will post the details on here,  on how fast they do sell.  The thing about anyone reading any kind of a book,  is that what is the obvious, everyone has different tastes.  You may like something that I may not like.  I like my book,  my 2 relatives who have read it liked it allot,  but a stranger may not like it.  That is understandable.  I only can hope,  that by writing that book,  something good comes out of it in an artistic or in a message kind of a way.  I think deep down inside all authors hope something is gathered from the consonants and vowels arranged in symphony.  Hopefully it will inspire more truth and friendship in a humorous kind of way...  Till then..


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