Books in tomorrow!

My shipment of books will be in tomorrow.  I have secured at least 6 sales already.  That means I have 493 books to sell before going ahead to produce Part 2.  I will not even think of writing Part 3,  if I cannot make the limit of sales.  This month in August at Dog Ear looked pretty dismal.  I do not believe I sold one copy there, but I have to check again.

The sales that I have secured so far is from work,  my friends,  and relatives.  Sales which I did not want to count on for to make it up to the 500 limit of sales.  But,  they really want the book.  My aunt wants to buy one also.  My other relatives will be soon investigating it.  Slowly the word is getting out in my friend loop and my work loop.  Here it goes.  Do I have over 500 friends that really want the book.  We will soon find out.  Till then....


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