Book is # 1 in Relevance for total Dog Ear Books

It was nice to see that my book placed # 1 in Relevance out of 1800 books from Dog Ear.  I will honk my horn now,  as it may not last very long.  It is located on the list in beautiful England.  I would like to thank the United Kingdom for putting it up that high on their scale.  This is only on the United Kingdom Amazon scale.

Besides that,  I announced to one of my relatives that I made a book.  He is a journalist,  and was taken by surprise.  I will announce over the week to most of my other friends that the book has been created,  but maybe some already know and are not giving up the information.  This should be interesting.

I do not believe that this will affect my sales  ( hardly at all).  As there were 5 of my closest relatives that knew about the book,  and,  of course,  they got a free copy.  As some of them give me free copies of their work ( one is a musician with a group),  I do the same for them.

The countdown is on,  from 0 to 500 books to the release of part 2,  Rise Of The Market Overlord.  Till then.


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