5 more people at work offered to buy a copy

It seems,  I have now sold 5 more copies at work.  This makes up to 10 copies sold,  at work alone.  One guy is going to buy one at the local bookstore.  It is nice of my friends to pick it up.  Now I understand how some people who do POD can get a spike in sales at the beginning of a release of a book on amazon,  just from relatives and friends buying it.

Two people who I have dealt with at Dog Ear love my cover for part 2.  My wife seems to find the colors not strong enough,  or pronounced enough.  I was beginning to think I was getting cataracts at the age of 37.

I never got a chance to read Part 2 again,  refine it,  read it again,  and refine it.  Spell check is done,  but all of the scenes and action has to fit in place in the time frame.  And to check to see if I still find I get the giggles when I read it,  over,  and over again.  Time for a beer...  Till then.


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