The Supermarket Guy V writing notes.

The Supermarket Guy V will take a few serious notes now and then. A book cannot be completely built on humor, but it highly will be. I am 1/3 rd finished, and have a long journey to go in completing it. Hope finding time to sit back, and write will come to me soon enough. I always think I got free time coming around the corner, then something happens to jam me up again.

The humor is spectacular and flowing so far. It takes a sharp turn in heading back in the same format as Part 1 of The Supermarket Guy, where it is based mostly on family humor. There is no race to save the hero's supermarket franchise from destruction, no race to save the population from nuclear destruction, and no race to save the world from a tyrannical world domination and eventual destructive type scenario. Part 5 goes back to Part 1, a simple format, dealing with personal relationships and personal problems. Bullying is always a feature in most of any book out there, and this one presents itself in many forms.

I am writing approximately 3 pages a night, if the time permits. It is frustrating when ideas come to mind, but cannot get to the computer in time to type them down. Not sure if this one will be ready for the fall, as there are no time constraints on my work. There is no one knocking on the door for them, there is no pressure for to finish fast. Finishing fast sometimes produces a terrible product, and I found doing several revisions of my work enhances the edges and body by 20 to 25 %. If I had a deadline, it would be rushed, it would be probably ok and do well like the others, but there would be a dissatisfaction about it... I could even go back, and open up all parts of 1, 2, 3 and 4 and insert more material that could truly enhance the story. Part 1, especially, I felt I could really change to increase the humor factor. But, what is done is done for now....

Have a safe and Happy Halloween... Maybe the Reasons for the color change on my blog...


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