The Supermarket Guy 5's progress report

The Supermarket Guy 5 is going very well. The main crux of the beginning chapters of the book is complete. Of course, the 'crux', the most pivotal point, most important point, is at the first of the book. It sometimes cannot be at the 2/3 rds or 3/4 length of the book. The 'crux' has mass, it has importance, and is the very vitality of the whole series. Nonetheless, it is at the beginning. Something so improbable that it could not have happened without some sort of luck or divine intervention.

It somewhat parallels how the "Star Wars" series started from the later parts, and the front parts came later in time. We remember how the "Dumb and Dumber" franchise went back to their high school days, and perhaps how successful the story becomes determines maybe how far back you can go with that to stretch the story out to make it all link together to your later series.

Part 5, not sure if a Part 6 would fit in between Part 1 and Part 5, but it is possible. Need just to think of a story line and link it up with Part 1. I know somehow that a Part 7 in between Part 6 and 1 probably could not be done. Strange how a writer knows when you run out of "space" and "time" in your characters to finally let it go at a resting place.

The newest segment is probably 20 % done. Hopefully the time will permit me to complete it by the fall, but more time and no time schedule does allow for a more incredible text, funnier, and more full of description pushing the envelope to a wonderful end product.

More time, equals a better refined product. But, if the idea train choo choo's away at full speed, you can finish faster with just as good results as waiting 6 months to a year later on producing your final product.

For now, Part 5 is going good. Will keep an update on here, every so often. Not writing too many humorous text on here, as I need my ideas for my Part 5. Till next time...


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