Harold Wannapus gets a job at his Uncles Moonshine Part 5 is it enuf already?

Uncle Tootleminder coughed up some phlegm and burped "You like that more modern pay scale, now don't yah! And, you can pay me in cash until you earn your money your old pap stole from me 20 years ago and still trying to count that high. I will show yeah my still, located in the big barn just over yonder!"

Harold slapped his Uncle on the shoulder "I cannot wait to get my hands dirty, Uncle. Just imagine all of the responsibility and honesty I will learn out of this job! Show me your Moonshine trees! I will water them every day, and love each and every one of them!"

Uncle Tootleminder looked surprisingly at his nephew as they walked towards the barn doors. He almost spit out his moonshine again "Moonshine trees? You are some funny, kid. You nearly had me fooled in thinking you were a total dummy. Ahh, but you are my family! Great teasers!"

The doors opened wide now, as Harold dropped his jaw in awe. There was a big tank, leading into another tank, then another. A spout came out of the last one.

Harold smiled "Oh, very nice pressure cookers you got here for deep frying. Very shiny and all. Did you do the awesome welding here?"

Uncle Tootleminder shook his head "Ok, son. I see you see an alcohol leak up there on the top pipe. Watch this"  He took out a piece of his bubble come and patched it accordingly. "We do not want alcohol vapor to escape, you know what that could do to our little operation now, do you?"

Harold nodded "I sure do, Uncle. Less profit. I will make sure no steam come out of those them there pipes"

Uncle Tootleminder agreed "Good enough for me, son. Now, you start lifting those thirty pound bags of sugar, malt, and ground corn. Yeast, grab a few packs and mix em in! Get to work son! Spark the propane burner underneath the evaporator. We got some liquid gold to make, and I am getting thirsty again! Just tell me once the liquid comes out of the spout! I need to go have a spat down there yonder"

His nephew proudly added "I sure will, and mix the water in there too. It will be the best soup you ever tasted, if you know what I mean. Do you mind if I make some breakfast for us?"

Uncle Tootleminder began to shake his legs. He had to poop really bad "Ok, son. Make your breakfast, I will be back shortly to have a free... I mean, a delicious afternoon meal!"

The old man ran down near the pig pen, to have his little waste removal of sorts. Harold put on the propane after a few tries, as he used two rocks sparking together to start the beautiful blue flame. The sparker was there, but he did not know how to use it.

He then moved the huge propane burner halfway over so he could get a skillet on to share the space between the grill onto which the evaporator worked. On the cast iron black skillet, he placed two pounds of bacon.

He placed all of the ingredients into the evaporator. He then walked outside near the barns entrance, and watched the sun set. He fell asleep.

Uncle Tootleminder then started to walk up towards the barn. It was mostly dark now, with only flames shooting up the poorly sealed areas of the roof.

Uncle Tootleminder roared "My moonshine still! Harold! What on earth did you do..."

The bacon that Harold forgot on the burner burned into a high intense heat, spilled over on some wooden beams, and kept on burning until it surrounded the still. Then, the alcohol vapor got so hot with high pressure that it popped out the bubble gum from the upper pipe that his Uncle had poorly sealed before hand.

An explosion occurred, with Harold Wannapus luckily just behind the double backing that he had with the barn door and its wall. Luckily for him... He flew a few hundred feet into the air, and landed on his Uncles head, knocking him out.

Harold got up from his slumber "Oh gesh, what happened here" He turned his head towards the flames at the still, and decided to run for the hills.

Soon the feds came down on the operation, and poor Uncle Tootleminder was sent to the county jail for some explanation on what had happened that night.

Harold rolled into his fathers yard after his first day of hard work.

His dad got out on the porch "First day on the job, son. How did it go?"

Harold stopped the mopad and looked up at his father "I do not have enough life insurance to work with Uncle Tootleminder. He is some dangerous!"

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