Harold Wannapus gets his first job at his Uncles Moonshine Factory Part 4 already?

Uncle Tootleminder took another drink of his powerful moonshine concoction from his overly large mason jar. It looked much like an egg pickling jar, and it was nearly half gone since Harold had just arrived, not too long ago.

He wiped his lips again "Your Dad and I took a one way taxi from Vegas to Maine. Then, when heading across the Penobscot river, your father opened the door as the taxi was driving at high speed. The taxi driver then screeched his brakes, and looked behind as your Dad jumped into the river to swim over to his secluded camp just a few thousand feet, but unreachable by road might I add, at 3 am in the morning! Well, the taxi driver held out his hand and said 'Guess you are going to pay the bill, son. Your friend seemed to be in need of a cold shower tonight' So I was left holding the several thousand dollar taxi bill for the cab!"

Harold then took a smaller mason jar full of moonshine, from a cardboard box that was lying on the ground. He gulped down a swig, and began to speak in a raspy voice "Wow. Dad sure saved allot of money that day, and he was always a great saver! Why, I remember how he one day how he got into a multi collision accident on the highway, caused by him dropping his freshly caught lobster from the bay onto his big toe. He was about to break open the shell to eat it live, and I was looking to suck the juices from it after he was done licking the shells. Well, he sure as heck put me in the seat at 14 years old, as he ran off into the bushes, as the police came... I paid dearly for insurance for our Mopad, up to this day!"

His Uncle sighed "I sure feel sorry for yeah, for having a cheap father like that. But, I am going to make you a made man here at my moonshine operation! You will start to work on a sliding scale. You will work at a negative 5 dollars an hour, until we pay off that few thousand dollars that your Daddy still owes me. Then, as we reach even keel, at a negative dollar an hour, slowly we will go over into the pluses for 3 months at a time at 2 dollars an hour, doubling each and every 3 months that goes by until you reach a whopping 6 dollars an hour!"

Harold drank another swig of the fine moonshine "Wow! Let me think about that. Who in the civilized world can get 50 % increases in pay every 3 months at the end of their contract! Geesh, this is surely a no brainer. I am completely in!"

To be continued....

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