Update on the dog who ate a Ferraro Rocher!

I had seen that allot of people were clicking on my last blog posting, a long ways back, about my Dog Pushkin who ate a Ferraro Rocher a long, long time ago.

Well, as a kind of revitalization of the issue, we put another gold wrapped Ferraro Rocher in her Boeuf Bourginion ( the non alcohol type).  She gently grabbed the exquisite golden wrapped chocolate rich bundle of hazelnut joy, and with precision once again ripped off the wrapper, until exposing the whole delicious sphere on the floor. She did not take a millisecond to realize the wrapper was completely tore off. No inspection required, I guess. Kind of like working in a sweat shop in one of those far off lands where they build machine guns that fire back at you, I guess...

She gobbled it out, and let out one tremendous burp!

But licked her chops afterwords!

A real, wonderful New Years story for myself personally to share!

Afterwords, she completed her pilgrimage to the bottom of the bowel, and finished off her Boeuf Bourginion. I know I spelled it wrong...

Well, the news is dismal for the Supermarket Guy 4. I am thinking of hauling off all of the books from the sales, including Amazon, so it will be only a blip of the past.

Really does not look good. We will see... Till next time.


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