The Last Hockey game that Harold Wannapus ever Played in!

Harold Wannapus stayed there on the bench, and played Tetris on his old, mundane 24 bit pocket game machine.

His teammates were playing hard, and the score was tied 2 a piece heading into the dying minutes of the third period. Then suddenly one of the Awkward Ardvarks brutish defensive players pile driven their star players head into the ice on an incredible one on one breakaway to the net.

The referee pretended not to notice, and that infuriated Harolds team, the Twizzling Twirlers.

The coach Losington slapped his players heads one by one on the bench, and then gave Harolds head a powerful slap on his cranium. He could see his other players were dejected and burned out with incredible fatigue, but there was a fresh Harold there sitting on the bench, benched for missing several practices in the past and just messing up several plays throughout the year. He definitely was no hockey player, in his eyes.

"You, what is your name, kid. Oh, silly Wannapus! You never played all game, and I see you got a pathetic tetris score. Did you see what just happened out there?"

Harold Wannapus took his water bottle and sprayed it behind near the the crevice of his crack.

"I got the lubrication between my buns, I am ready to go, coach!"

To be continued...


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