Part 4 being fine tuned again

Just recently been going though Part 4, and realizing that it did need some second tweaking. I revised the first 10 pages, and will continue to do so for awhile.

Strange how a person can read through it many times, then your mind changes on your direction in some ways in how you lead the character through some scenes. Perhaps something being done or used in too many paragraphs, something that did appear to be silly, but no longer is to you, or perhaps it never was.

The book definitely has strong humor points, but it is the small jabs in between that needs focusing on.

Just by revising it in this second draft, it has grown by a page and a half. More description in the paragraphs, more verbs, adjectives, ect, add for a stronger book and a better flow to it.

Just recently sent 25 pages to a big publisher of humor to the United States. This is just a sample, but our low dollar Canadian may entice me to publish this work in Canada for a change.

I thought publishing in the USA would help the book by being in a huge market, but this has had no effect on my sales or knowledge that my book does perhaps exist.

Canadian self publishers are big now, and I think they can compete and give me the outlets to distribute the book just as well as the USA counterparts.

We will see. I may still go with a USA publisher, but I will go with a cheaper package. Just need to wait for a reply from the USA publisher that I had just sent some 25 pages to just recently.

It is still a waiting game. Not sure to publish.

Till next time.


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