How far off am I from printing off this thing?

Part 4. Just have to pull the trigger. Print it off. Send to a publisher. Wait 4 plus or minus months.

Paperback. Amazon, Whatever. There, in peoples hands to check out.

How hard is it?  When you are as busy as yours truly,  still things are at a standstill.

Could not send some information away today to get checked. Still could not do allot of affairs which would get the book closer to print.

Slow. A turtles, crawl. It is all here. Ready to get printed. Ready to be seen by the world.

Will it ever be seen by the world? Do I have time... Time... Once again, stealing my momentum away... Away...

Not sure. Will see what I can do in the next few days. Monday is a holiday, right? Time, not on my side. Time. Some people got lots of it. Me... Nope.

Someday maybe I will be able to talk about this in a more frank nature. Right now, I can't. Time is just, not on my side. I thought things would get better, but... Nope...

Simple things drag me through days at getting things done. Did this ever happen to you? Tell me about it, why not. Leave me a comment.

Till next time....


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