Steel Heart: High Tech warrior from the 1300s.

King Pladamius, in his little feudal town of France, was getting worried. His peasants were complaining of several attacks from a Dragon, and were so infuriated, that they were beginning to protest by not paying their taxes. King Pladamius decided to call on a true hero, to save his kingdom and save his reputation as being a cruel but decisive problem solver. He called non other, than Steel Heart into his court at his castle one day!

Steel Heart walked into the court, smiling at the lovely lady Pataguin. Pataguin sighed, and began fanning herself intensely as the heat of the mid summers day sweltered the huge, stone, opened court. King Pladamius grunted at his wife, Pataguin, as she then took a stern look at Steel Heart.

"Steel Heart. You who have saved millions from starving. Who has brought down the evil tyrant, Pulgie Winkle the Third. You who had stopped the English invaders by catapulting a new age food over to their shores, forcing the starving lot of them to head back for a delicious bite of something you called 'Fish and Chips'. There is no end to your glory, ahem.."

Steel Heart took out his sword from his sheath, raising it up high, began to scream "If this is a trap for me, King Pladamius, I warn you! My sword is sharp and I got a mild touch of the crabs. I am not in the mood to be here all day scratching, waiting for you to try to kill me. I may start scratching and chopping right now! Ha ha ha!"

Steel Heart waved his sword back and forth, as the hundred men surrounding him backed off in fear. King Pladamius raised his hands "Steel Heart, I want you to solve a problem for me. A dragon has been on the loose in my Kingdom, pillaging and making a hard time for the peasants all around. Problem is, they will not pay taxes to me, when this dragon continually harasses them! There is but one solution! I want you to go down and kill all the peasants! Everyone of them! This way here, this will stop the nagging from the peasants and restore my peace of mind from my advisors!"

Steel Heart scratched his crutch and thought about this for a minute "My Lord, by killing the peasants, you will have no more exuberant taxes to collect in order to pay me! Spare the peasants, as I do not wish to sharpen my sword after killing every 100 of them! I will bravely face this dragon, and bring him to his knees, by God!"

Pladamius got up from his mighty throne and raised his hands, with a big applaud from the spectators there in the hall "So be it! Not only you are ruthless, but you are weird in thinking also. We will kill the dragon instead! And the land will reign my tyranny again!" Pataguin got up and began to jump excitedly, up and down while revealing her underwear at times to Steel Heart.

Steel Heart cut the wind, as it echoed down the hallway in a large thunder "I will need your weapons specialist to design me some top secret, weapons, in order to defeat this monster without me getting as much as a nail broken on this mission"

To be continued...


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