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Harold Wannapus gets his first job at his Uncles Moonshine factory

Harold was not doing anything at his house. His father screamed at him while he was eating his favorite peanut butter and mustard sardine sandwich, while watching the aquarium channel on pay per view.

"Are you ever going to get a job boy! You have been out of school just over a full 12 hours now, and all you do is eat my sardines for my lunch at the football field and fill your face full of peanut butter! Darn it all boy, get a life for Gods sake!" he then threw a classified add at him, from Penthouse magazine.

Harold immediately skipped over to the back end of the magazine "Why are all these women naked, dad? Do they live in some small tribal community in the United States? Oh, here are a few jobs! It appears Uncle Scantity has a job opening for his Maple Syrup farm! What luck!"

Harolds Dad angrily grabbed back his magazine "You idiot, Harold. Uncle Scantity has a moonshine operation, and he is hiding it away from the Feds. Now, you get down there this instant and pick up that job with your Uncle. Who knows, the cheap bastard may get me a free bottle of the moonshine if you work extra hard for once in your lifetime"

Harold got up and smiled "I will surely make you proud, dad. You will see. Maybe I will grow big enough to sell moonshine even to the President of the United States. You will see!"

His anxious son got up and headed towards his mopad. His father yelled at him from out the door "Hey, you lazy little guzzler! That is our last 5 dollars of gas money in that there tank, to do us the month! Get out there and start walking, it is just down the hill in the valley near the crick!"

Oh, but it was just too late. Harold could not hear his fathers crank from the loud sound of the thrush muffler on his mopad.... He was going to make moonshine, and make the world happy...

To be continued...


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