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Christmas in Violentville!

Christmas was quickly approaching, and everyone was getting ever so more violent in Violentville!

Hatchetsack got out his hatchet, and began cutting down a beautiful grenade cluster tree in his neighbors AK Fortnight Seven's snow covered lawn. He was hoping to cut it down, and let it fall on his neighbors house, as all the grenades were booby trapped to let go. Each were carefully placed so as if a branch so ever did move, it would move a fishing line to release the safety pin. Thereby letting go a cluster of explosions to anyone who dare climb his precious honeydew apple tree.

Hatchetsack hacked, and hacked, at the base of the tree. A hardened warrior from the Persian Gulf, he wanted the grenades to fall on his nemesis's house, to cause him mortal pain. He would then sing Christmas carols and laugh at him from the curb. The apple tree was a tough old hardwood though, and sinking his machete and calling out blasphemes at his neighbor who was loading his rifle in the window to take care of this business, had just realized that his machete flew into pieces. The metal blade sheared through AK Fortnights beautiful picture window. It caused him to duck, as the metal blade flew onto the wall, cutting off the head of his prized rubber chicken, Honkie. AK Fortnights grimaced and yelled "They ran out of ducks for my Christmas meal, and now this! Bloody hell! He is going to pay for this!"

AK Fortnights screamed, as he finished placing the cartridge in his weapon "That is it, Hatchetsack. Merry bloody Christmas! I am going to fill you full of holes and wrap your intestines around my grenade tree for good looks!" He was about to pull the trigger, when he suddenly realized something.

The other part of the hatchet blade hit the head of a high flying duck. The duck knocked unconscious, and fell into his hands just before he could squeeze off a few shots.

Hatchetsack quickly placed his hands carefully around the grenade, in case he needed to fire it inside of the smashed picture window, where AK Fortnights remained.

A tear streamed down AK Fortnights cheek. He threw down his AK Forty seven. "Hatchetsack, you have no weapon, and it is not a way to die, using my very own weapons from my tree to kill me off. For today, this mighty day of Christmas, let us throw down our weapons and feast on this might bird of prey! For I ram sacked, destroyed, pillaged every supermarket in our beautiful town of Violentville, to only find a duck here in my hands! Come, let us make a duck a l'orange, and sing some Heavy Metal Christmas carols"

Hatchetsack let go of his enemies weapon. He frowned, and rubbed his tummy "I am feeling a bit hungry too! Alright, since I have no machete to clip your duck, you will have to give me your Rambo knife. It should do"

And finally, no guns, no weapons fired during the Christmas night in Violentville....

(Still no work done on The Supermarket Guy 4... Stalled again!)


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