Harold Wannapus Halloween Classic!

He turned off his electric fence that surrounded his house. He took out his dog's Yappies false teeth. He also removed the nuclear warhead from his rocket propelled grenade.

His wife was making her regular batch of candy coated pumpkins for the kids to suck on. He felt safe.

This Halloween, Harold thought, the kids are going to get the best treat ever! In his basket of goodies, he had not only the candy coated pumpkins, but CD's of his latest driving stunts from when driving on his beast in Part 1, 2 and 3 of "The Supermarket Guy: Stunts that sent me to the ER", that would put the great Freddy Krueger to shame!

Other random treats were bottles of prune juice, Rollaids for sore stomachs and anti acid, and bologna fajitas for those long walks going house to house, these kids needed nutrition as he well already known. He decided to wear the costume of his old time nemesis, Jon Acadou. The colored pastel suit and all, down to a tee. Well, it looked so real, it might as well have been him that had just broken him out of the state penitentiary.

His wife jumped and was startled at the gruesome figure that now stood next to her. She rose a fly swatter up and hit him on the head. He laughed "Honey, honey, honey! It is me, Harold. Your adoring husband"

She laughed "Wow, do you ever look the part. Great idea, darling. Your costume looks so real, it defies description!"

He smiled "I know, I paid a hundred thousand dollars to look as real as I could. The kids are going to be some scared!"

The door bell had just rang at his house. His wife Lucy, who was dressed as an impressionable Baywatch babe off of that famous show, sporting a fake wig of straight long blonde hair, giggled and smiled at the young 10 year olds of various age wearing a Harold Wannapus costume.

They all said "Wow, Mrs. Wannapus. You look great!" She put a candy coated pumpkin in each of their sacks, with the Rollaids and a few tubes of Harolds own brand for kids antiperspirant.

"You kids sure all look like my husband, and pretty scary at that! Honey, come take a look at these freaks"

Harold jumped in front of the door entry with his Jon Acadou costume on, growling and howling with his hands raised in a claw like fashion.

The army of kids at the door hauled him out, threw him down on the pave and began smashing their pumpkins on him. They candy coating on them was so hard, that it knocked the man unconscious.

"You are not going to hurt our hero, Harold Wannapus, Mr. Acadou! You are not going to take over the world for a third time! No chance here!"

Lucy rushed into the house to call 911 "Police, we got a band of kids hammering on my husband. Yes, I know they are only 10 years old, but they took him by suprise"

The police hauled up, after the kids stopped kicking Harold in his ribs for some time.

He finally regained consciousness and got up as the police officer turned his face around "Those rotten little kids, where did they go"

The cop stared at his face and was nearly paralyzed for an instant "Jon Acadou, how did you get out of prison"  He hit him over the head, knocked him out again, and drug him into the back of the car.

Lucy came out but it was too late. Harold was heading to the police station. His costume was too realistic this Halloween. A lesson learned for the greatest Halloween of all time.


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