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80 % done with "The Supermarket Guy IV"

Done more work to "The Supermarket Guy 4", was lucky to get a page to two pages and a half done. This was mostly cementing material-  work that went into the body of the text, to strengthen the story line.

I realized that I was bringing in some minor details from the events in Part 3, which could be deleted and expanded upon in a different way. And perhaps, a more humorous way. For this to take place, I had to go into the text and add, delete some parts of the text. But the additions proved more material for the body of the main text. And, this will lead to another action scene, somewhere down the road as well. I needed these very important links to make the story flow better, and to ensure connectivity and purpose to the story.

The book maybe 80 % done now,  but I am very busy as of late, with family issues and work. I do not know if I can finish the book for the fall of 2014. It seems like too long of a process right now.  Perhaps in 2015, near January, or later in March, the book could be headed into Kindle production. Just the economics do not allow me to go with a physical paperback print book, and it does not look any better in the foreseeable future. It maybe better to take the time with this production, as it could lead to a more humorous book over time. Even when producing the last three books, there was allot of material I could have placed in them, after they had been published. I thought, why did I not think of that stuff earlier on in the writing stages of the book? A longer writing period, usually means a better quality product.

Only thing, when I leave the book there for more than two weeks, I sometimes forget the details of the story, and where things should go. What chapter did that happen in, and am I heading in the right direction? Did I cover that part of the story already? I have to reread and that takes allot of time, thus a more difficult process for yours truly.

It has been a long time since I had been on this blog, due mainly to work, and an over abundance of things to get done. But, with having the cover for my book already visioned in my thoughts, this should a great cover. Much better than the past ones!

Till next time.


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