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Turtle powerful guy struts his stuff, very slowly, yet efficiently!

Turtle man slowly entered the large, wide open, HVAC repair facility. Several tables strewn across the long hall with miscellaneous HVAC units all tore apart on top of them... And a big sack of money, and jewels on the farthest one down.. Next to where the hardened HVACian criminals, their hearts frozen into ice, perhaps due to a malfunctioning HVAC unit, stood ready to pounce on our turtle hero!

Honko put a cutting torch on a large pot of boiling water, on top of a metal stand "Turtle soup, boys, turtle soup! Long time since we had a turtle soup! Soup of the elite, so they say. I guess we are elite crooks!"

Jezzeble laughed "Is he going to kill us, just by us waiting for him to come to us. We could be 90 years old by then, by the time he gets to us!"  As Jezzeble began cutting up carrots, onions, and potatoes to put in the pot on a large cutting board next to Honko.

Rofandi yelled, as he put a magazine clip into the M-50 high caliber machine gun "Turtle man, I do not want to know how you saved the world from that fast, rogue nuclear missile that nearly hit Miami last year! To me, it was just pure luck! I am going to cut you into a thousand pieces, right here, right now.. Any last words?"

Turtle man responded "That fast moving nuclear missile.. I friend shoved me in the porthole of a huge gun, and I shot out at bullet speed to smash that missile in half with my steel cutting teeth.. I landed safely in the Atlantic, with a beautiful feed of seaweed and sea urchins... A victory feast, so to speak! Go ahead, lets see how good of a shot you are, Rofandi!"

Rofandi and his friends laughed, as he pulled on the trigger on the immense gun, that was welded in place on a large, metal workbench table. If it was one thing the turtle man could do, is turn quick enough to throw his shell in the direction of the bullets. The bullets flared off of his shell, and hit the shop in numerous directions. It took out the lights, blew up the toilet in the restroom, it smashed a few pillars nearly collapsing the building. Turtle man gently stuck out his head, to see Rofandi was nervous, and shooting like a madman.. He was also nearly out of bullets...

So he deflected a bullet from his shell right into the pot of boiling water. The pot flew over Honkos head, and he screamed for his dear life!  Another bullet he deflected over an overhead ceiling fan, which fell while still turning on Jezzeble.. Blood flew and coated the room in a massacre of red colors...  Then finally Rofandi kept clicking the gun in a panic. No more bullets.

Rofandi yelled, as he took out his machete "I will cut you into pieces, you second rate super hero!"  He ran and jumped over the tables in order to get to Turtle man.

Turtle man got the remote for the over head crane. He hooked himself up to it. Lifting himself up, before Rofandi could get a swipe at him with the machete blade. He swung and swung, and looked perplexed at the slow moving turtle that rested now only a few feet above him.

Rofandi yelled "I know.. I will get me a ladder... You got me friends, but you will never get me.... Just more money for me to spend at Kiddie World,  sucker!" He ran over to find an appropriate ladder on the side of the wall.

Meanwhile, turtle man began to swing back and forth, in a circular motion.. He was really flying now at a high, centrifugal speed.

He then seen Rofandi turn around, watching turtle man swinging at several hundred miles an hour in a circular motion. He stuck out his tongue in disbelief. Turtle man swung and lowered himself in order to cut off his tongue in one catching sweep! Rofandi screamed, as the second sweep turtle man cut off his head with the sharp part of his shell.. Finally, it was all over...

Brisbalt, the police chief rushed in with his police force. There, he seen the carnage, of a decapitated man, with the blood and guts of another spewed all over the place... He barfed on the floor... Then got up "Turtle man, do you think next time, you could capture your assailants, and not obliterate them?"

Turtle man flexed his muscles "They got under my skin, when they wanted to have a bowl of turtle soup. Not today, Brisbalt, not today... They were going to put me with some potatoes and carrots.. I would have tasted, terrible..."

Then slow, but eventual... End...


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