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Turtle man will slowly, but wisely, save the day.

"So, stop being so demeaning, about talking about the rabbits and all that stuff. You know I got a heated rivalry with them. Just give me the bloody video footage of the robbery!", as the turtle brushed the front of his green scared belly. It was from being washed up on the rocks in intense storms, in saving baby gulls that got thrown down in the storms.

Brisbalt waved at his officer to bring over the recordings. There, both man and superhero viewed the footage. "Ok, thanks, I know who did it. I will get back to you, Brisbalt!"

Brisbalt held the slow moving turtles hand for a minute "Wait a minute. How do you know who did this crime, that fast? Give me the information, Turtle man! Do not try to steal the glory from us city smart cops!"

Turtle man snapped his jaw at Brisbalt, who rapidly put his hand back into his pocket "My jaws can cut through 2 inch steel cable. Never touch my arm again!"

It took Turtle man a good half hour to exit the building. He was slow. All the time, Brisbalt and his men were making fun of him "So, when do you expect to catch the criminals, turtle man? Maybe by the next time they crooks knock over another bank?  Our boys will have them locked up, long before you can make it around the block! You lazy son of a Testudine!"

The Turtle opened the door slowly, and yelled back "Do not make fun of my ancestors! I will solve this crime, and time is on my side!"

The Turtle got in his turtle mobile, and spun his tires slowly as he drove slowly, albeit, a quicker pace down the road. First from the clues he found from the video, one of the crooks was a HVAC specialist. And he could see the Pontiac GTO had no license plates on it, but its color was blue. A deep shiny blue. As, the crook shot out the exact panel for the HVAC, without trying to even shoot out the other electrical, non labelled panels.

He drove over to HoRoJe HVAC service and repair shop. There, he could see a green GTO parked in front of the building. He slowly walked across its side, and he scraped it with his four turtle claws. It took him 20 minutes to walk across the GTO, as the scraped paint revealed it had been freshly painted, from a deep shiny blue color.

Honko looked outside in despair "Look, it is turtle man! He is on to us! He is slowly scraping the paint off of my GTO! Has he no scruples, at all?"

Rofandi yelled "Quickly, get back to the end of the shop. We will open up our M-50 s at him. Blow him to smitherenes!"

The slow story will be continued at a much faster time.....


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