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The Superhero who must take on the Evil Penguino!

Pauliofio continued to waddle towards the Antarctic observatory, as his peers looked on through a porthole kind of window.

"He has icicles on his..." Igoraniov placed his hands over Janitio's mouth "Do not say it.. You are not a poet, Janito. He is running naked to the door! Quick, get a stretcher and some hot cocoa. Get the medic!".

Franzionit, the janitor screamed "Medic? We have no medic here, we only have a first aid kit fully stalked with a chain saw and a bottle of vodka!"

The door opened, as Pauliofio placed his hands over his privates to hide them. He yelled "If this is a dream, I want to wake up now! Quick, get me some clothes!"

Janito ran to the closet, and put a long, white lab coat over him. She pushed him down on a seat, that was close to the entrance way. Igoraniov, the head weird scientist, looked at Pauliofio, and he touched his skin. Took his temperature, and realized his life signs were totally normal. Except for one thing. He had taken his pulse, and realized he had a heart rate of 200 beats per minute... Like that of a penguin.

"Explain what happened to you, Pauliofio. You look totally normal, except for your heart rate. You have the heart rate of a penguin".

Pauliofio watched as Franzionit opened a can of sardines... Immediately, without any thinking, he ran over and took the can of sardines from his hands, quite brazenly... Threw Franzionit to the corner of the room, with little ease... And then dove in a cold tub of water... Where Igoraniov seen him push his head underwater, Janito too became concerned. "He put his head underwater now for over 4 minutes. We must get him out of there before his brain dies!".  Igoraniov then bent over to take his pulse. "3 beats per minute.. Just like a penguin, when swimming under water. He raised his heart rate to gather oxygen, so he could stay underwater for a long period of time.. Interesting! A man who is half penguin... Did you see the way he threw Franzionit down to the ground. Too easy"

Franzionit snickered "He was lucky. And he ate my lunch, too! I will exact my revenge".

Igoraniov laughed "Yes, he loves fish.. Just like a penguin... We must prepare the saws. Get the drills out. We need to dissect him, for our scientific journals. If we could raise an army of penguin men, then our armies could take over the world!"

Pauliofio then raised his head from the water. He took in a short breath, as he had been holding his breath now for 20 minutes. "I got this crazy craving for a big mess of sea trout! Lets get some out of the freezer, right now and chow down"

Igoraniov then got out a pair of handcuffs, and placed one on his arm and one on Franzionits arm. "Franzionit, take him down to the dissection lab. We need to see what makes him tic, for our mother country". Poor Franzionit was taken aback by his sudden collusion into the plot, but it was too late. Janito then ducked and ran to safety.

Pauliofio swung the man around with so much centrifugal force, that Franzionit lost his falsies and they flew out and slammed into Igoraniovs forhead, where they became implanted right into the bone. He then snapped the chain of the handcuff with his super penguin teeth, while Franzionit was still turning at super sonic revolutions per minute. The airborne man then flew off at a tangent threw a port window, with his torso plugging the hole. Half was out in the cold, and half of him was in the warmth of the station.

Igoraniov then picked up bunsen burner, and put it on high flame. He then rushed Pauliofio with the flame, as his prey ripped the tub from the ground and flung it on top of Igoraniov. Water was now running all over the place and on the floor, as alarms blared off and on now inside the high tech facility.

Pauliofio then speedily opened up a liquid nitrogen tank, and let it flow all over on the floor. Igoraniov's feet was now froze in a few centimeters of water, as he created a skating rink all around them.

"You are not going to make me into some sort of frog dissecting experiment for our mother country, Igoraniov!" Pauliofio then began to waddle around his prey, glistening with grace on the ice, at a hundred miles an hour. In doing so, he made Igoraniov very dizzy, as he began to puke on the ice.

Janito said "Stop this madness. Please! The water has iced up, and it has cracked the kerosene pipes going to the main heating system! We must get out of here before it blows!"

Pauliofio then put on a black snow suit, with a long white scarf that hung down the middle. He sort of looked like, a penguin now!  "The only ones leaving this den of horrors is me and you, Janito.."  Janito yelled "What about Franzionit, he did not do anything!"

Igoraniov began sawing away at his ankles, in order to get out of free from the penguin man, but it would take too long...

Pauliofio laughed "I am not scared of blood, Igoraniov! Franzionit? But he does not like to share his fish.. Far as I am concerned, he can stay right there in that porthole! Greedy leopard seal bum person! And you, Igoraniov, you will be disintegrated into a billion peices!"

Janito pushed Franzionit threw the window, and threw out a nice knitted pair of socks and a few matches. He yelled "There is no fire wood in Antarctica, what good will that do me!"

So then Penguin man shoved a I phone out there, in his hands "There is a great chess game loaded on there"

Then, both Janito and him ran from the scientific center, as they watched it blow into a billion pieces... With Igoraniov with it... The falsies then flew into Paulifios hands.. He and Janito wept many a few seconds, but soon after they knew they had to make it to shore.

To be continued....


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