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The slowest superhero that ever saved earth! Turtle man!

Honko, Rofandi, and Jezzeble smashed the glass doors at the First Bank of Bankruptcy's doors. They all entered in with masks, and got everyone to raise their hands.

"Ok, listen everybody, no one will get shot.. Just act and think you are in a Zumba class! Keep moving, your hands up, and keep moving your legs up and down", said Honko as he waved his gun across the section of 20 or so bankrupted people who he forced to the side of the bank near the loan desk.

Rofandi yelled as he approached the main teller desk, and threw a bag at her which covered her head. She was in a sheer panic "Fill that bag full of bank notes, right now, lady!"

Nervously, Shedeila opened up filing cabinets and began to fill the bag with banking papers and what not. Immediately Rofandi shot the clock up high that hung over the vault, very close to where Shedeila was emptying out her cabinets.

"No, not real bank paper business notes of 8 by 11! We mean cash, and valuables. Fill the bags now, before we blow this bank up with everybody in it" Shedeila hit two floor buttons, one to summon the police, and the next to send out the green flare to turtle man!

The bank manager ran to open the vault, as Shedeila threw the now poorly tied bag full of money in the air at the bank manager, as half of the bills flew in the air and got caught up in the HVAC vents.

Honko could not believe his eyes. He shot the main control for the HVAC system, as the money fell to the ground again. "Pick it all up, before we really get gun happy and shoot all of you good people, here!"

Shedeila and another teller picked up the cash in a fearful dash, as the bank manager emptied the vault and placed all of the other valuables in the huge sack.  Everything was in the sack now.

The three convicts then rapidly backed out into their getaway car, a 1974 GTO Judge.They sprayed bullets up high at the bank, so no one would leave.

Finally the police came, but it was too late.. Then, turtle man crawled in, but he was even later.

The chief of police, Brisbalt, and his men were combing the area for any clues. They took statements from the bank clerks, the manager, bystanders, and a highly intelligent mouse that could talk in mouse code when given a piece of high quality cheese.

Turtle man slowly walked up to the chief of police. "Took you long enough to get here", as Brisbalt laughed. "Quite the superhero you are! We arrived just before you did, and we have no clues as to who is the suspect, where they came from, or to what boy scout group that kicked them out way back when"

Turtle man popped his head into his shell "Justice only hides for awhile.. Late, but it will always deliver justice. Now, the tapes.. Where are they, Brisbalt. Did you have a look at em?"

Brisbalt scratched his head "Tapes.. No one was taped here, fortunately for them.. I "

Turtle man popped his head out of his shell now "Stop playing stupid. The video recordings, I want them now!"

Brisbalt leaned on the counter "Oh, the video recordings. I have a few movies staring a few hot snow bunnies if you are really into that thing, in the squad car!"

Turtle man then pushed Brisbalt against the desk "No, have you lost it. I am not into racing or doing anything with bunnies. The last time they bet me in some sort of race, so legend has it!"

To be continued... As a slow, slow, pace...


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