Plastic in Bread?

Just what are we eating these days... Here is a CNN report on plastics in bread, by Elizabeth Landau..

The article goes on to describe about azodicarbonamide, used in the breads of several fast food restaurants, bakeries, and other seemingly "healthy" places to eat too.  This was a surprise to me, as I always thought the holy grail to eating good, was eating a good, wholesome, slice of bread.

At our house, we do buy somewhat of an organic and non organic mixture of food. The costs of organic is high, thus probably limiting peoples purchasing of organics all the time. Non GMO, organic, has definitely become the choice of food at our home. But, we know we cannot avoid this all of the time. We just do not know enough about the labeling (Food is made to taste good, not necessarily good for us), and probably contains allot of additives and preservatives, that will leave you scratching your head on the long names and scientific jargon. Who do you trust?  And can you handle that intake over so many years of your life without falling to illness... Why are these products banned in Europe, and maybe not in the USA and Canada. They are banned in Australia too?

I know I am not perfect. I go for a box of fried chicken every so often. But, I do try to limit the amount or intake of the stuff. Deep fried foods are probably the worst in nutritional value, and so on and so forth. Stuff we already know..

So I will leave it at that.. But it is good to question our food supply... That was one of the main themes of my books, especially Part 2 and even a little bit in Part 3...

Till next time...


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