My first follower from a University of Philosophy!

Today, I had my first follower from a University of Philosophy! I wondered if he truly did catch on to the message provided in the books behind the humor?  The preface in my books definitely provides the main themes of the books, and the lines in between the giggles, if you read them correctly, provide a sort of hidden message on what we as a people maybe going in the wrong or right direction in certain affairs, or the books may truly spark a debate on the issues in the book.

This is why it is hard to comprehend how I got two 1 on 5 star ratings for my books. Out of 29 ratings, the rest were good ratings. The 1 on 5 ratings were just one short sentence, and it leaves me dubious to as perhaps they never read the book at all. That the ratings could have been placed there just to ruin my popularity of my books...  But, maybe they are true too... I respect them just the same, as every author should, but it does leave room to think about them.

A follower from a University of Philosophy! Wow. That really made my day today, and it is something that I never imagined ever having.

As the linings in the clouds are hidden in the tones of humor, strange, and odd situations, the effect is indeed to make people think about the world and the situations surrounding you. Debate everything around you. I will not go through the main themes in the three books, but you can indeed find them for yourself. Part 1, talks about a youthful start and a difficult time for the main character. Difficulty in being accepted, being used at times, because of his gullible ways, being bullied but yet not quite understanding how big of a bully he could be.

Part 2, the Frankenfood industry. The main character takes this on. The doubters, the pundits, and the calamity to come.

Part 3, the peoples attitudes changing, turning against him, losing everything.. How would someone feel when this happens.. Sometimes maybe it happens to us a little at times.. When we accidently do something wrong.. For a while, that feeling of being lost.. No support.. Then to take on the world, by yourself...

Allot of philosophy, yet even more as you skim through the pages of nearly every event in each and every book.. If you do not read my books too fast, and not think about it, you could be missing the message in between the lines... To make us all think...

Have a supermarket, kind of day...


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