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Another Superhero to save the masses from eternal doom!

Sure, you heard of Batman, Catwoman and Spiderman...  How about another pet hero... Why not Penguin Man!

Penguin man, is the story of a ecological scientist who flew to Antarctica and got lost in a blinding blizzard miles away from his outpost, who were studying how to make ice huts in the Sahara desert, in an effort to try to make travel across it much easier.

Pauliofa Zelioger, had found the answer, by adding an intense thermal photon energy shield around the ice blocks, the ice houses could be used even in the hottest temperatures in the world... But could he have found the answer too late.. As his bodies temperature was dropping into an intense state of deep, cold, frigid, sleep..

Then, suddenly he looked towards the setting sun.. Was he having a snow mirage, or was it just the snowflakes creating a central blurred object right in the sunlit path towards his sight... Suddenly, the object got closer, as he yelled for joy!  "Quick, get me a blanket, a propane touch, or how about one of those hot chicken noodle soups!"

The figure then threw down a frozen cod down at his face... He could see plainly that it was a penguin, that gave him this totally seemingly useless item to use right at this precious moment that could mean life or death..

"Eat it.. It will give you what I now currently have", said the penguin.. Pauliofa shrieked "I must be dead. A talking penguin. This fish is froze solid, how do you expect me to eat it! It is like a piece of iron".

"Eat it! Use your lips, start by licking it, and then you will gain the strength of a thousand penguins!"

Pauliofa, was not in the mood to argue, as the cold lips nearly froze to the beautiful, frozen fish. Some of his flesh off of his lips, began to tear off from sticking on the nearly frozen fish... But then, somehow, as he began to injest a minuscule amount of its skin, he began to feel warm again. By heavens, he began to feel some sort of inner strength as the cold left his legs.. He got up, and then began to saw threw the iron cold fish, as if his teeth was a chain saw cutting through butter... As he finished the last bit of the tail, he could no longer feel the cold...

He looked at his hands, as he took off his gloves.. He then took jacket.. He then took off everything he had on... The penguin looked at him as he closed his eyes "Really, did you have to show me your dirty shorts? And then your natural state. God, men are ugly".

He looked bewildered at the penguin "How come I feel no cold?  I am stark naked, and I can roll around in the snow.. It defies all scientific knowledge... Please explain, before I go insane.. Maybe I am dead!"

The penguin then revealed himself "I am the first penguin that ate the first fish that ate the radioactive waste from a North Korean test facility. I was on vacation near the Korean peninsula, not realizing man was at war.. Then, all of a sudden, a huge green discharge blurred the beautiful ocean, right around where we were feeding on cod and a few clumps of raw sewerage... Well, this caused me and my friend to become highly powerful, unknown to us at that very moment... But over time, we learned we could swim at a thousand knots per hour, and beat up any shark that was in the pool.. I went back to the area, to gather a few more fish.. As these fish may come in handy someday... Only to be dismayed, that my friend who ate the fish himself, became increasingly evil... Sinking oil tankers, and plugging sewerage lines that flowed out to the bays and inlets to the world.. Just for a joke, so that the toilets would overflow in mans homes.. This was a little too much for me to handle..."

Pauliofa still could not believe his story "You are crazy... This is all crazy... That is it, I am running out of this dream and into reality"...

Pauliofa ran towards his observatory at a hundred waddles per minute.. He noticed he could not walk, but waddled really fast, still naked, to his observatory..

Janitio looked out of the window with her comrades "Look, it is Pauliofa.. And he is naked!"...

To be continued...


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