The end is near... for my book series... that is...

Well, I have been going over the status of Part 3, especially over Goodreads, Amazon and my own author site and webpage. Things are pretty sour at this point in time. After the first contest, Part 3 has taken a dive in the "to read" segment.

Even with 500 people listed to read my book on Goodreads, the problem is that these reads will not come for many years down the road. Maybe 10 years down the road, for the majority of them. Many of the book readers their have hundreds, if not thousands of books ahead of mine to read on their lists.

It will truly take a miracle to get your book, to be viewed, to be pushed by an organization or a group where it can take off from that point of realization, that it is there.

Despite good ratings, on all 3 books, this means nothing without some sort of marketing scheme. Even the best marketers will tell you, even a halfway bad sort of book can sell very well if it has a tremendous push or money behind it. You need to be a master of the marketing, that which I will never be.

I even got back on twitter for a short while, but this was short lived. I got suspended within a day or so, just in promoting my book to book writers for major newspaper publishers. Apparently, I did it the wrong way. I asked twitter to delete my account again, as it is too frustrating of a process to follow all of those rules, every time..

If I must say one thing, Google is a pleasure to use, over the other social networking sites. It is the # 1 site for ease of use for me personally, and it has a different fashion to it which is very special to it. It is very, user friendly, and is not loaded with a bunch of rules (ok, maybe a few.. Just do not do anything too extreme).

So this spells the end for "The Supermarket Guy"... It was never to be, just like the other tens of  thousands upon thousands of self published books that never break free...

Till next time...


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