Purchased two books from my authors friend list!

Yes, I went and done it again! I purchased two books from my authors friend list! One is a sort of romance novel, the other a mystical magical one. The first of the two, will not be available until next year. The author told me in a message, just as soon as I purchased the book. This took me by surprise, as I never ordered a book before that was not actually in print.

The fact that the book is in the works, and is currently showing available for purchase on Amazon, yet not truly available, is an interesting sales strategy.

First, the sales from the book may possibly only show up when the book is ordered? Or am I thinking wrong here. Could this boost the Amazon ranking, place the book in the top 100, once the orders go through in a year... Possibly, many orders, all happening at the same time. Truly, if I would have known that the book would take that long to get here, I may not have ordered it. As, I needed a book to read, right now. So, it caused me to order another. This one is in publication.

Albeit, a very interesting concept. A book that is ready for sale on Amazon, yet not in physical print, until next year. I did not know, you could do that sort of thing. It can be a good, and a bad thing. As I had pointed to above, it may boost sales in some way that I never imagined. Perhaps the sales will only show up when the book is first released, creating a massive buoy effect.. Very interesting.. On the other hand, people who buy the book will wonder- when is it going to arrive, and become frustrated with the wholesaler and the author... I am not frustrated to say, but glad she told me of the situation. Or, I would have been checking and double checking on why the book is not arriving at its intended destination, after two weeks or so... In all fairness, now that I look back, the book said it may arrive after Dec. 25th, 2013, from the Amazon site.. Easy to miss that one, in the print. The author did tell me that it would not be available for another year, in the e mail.. Oh well..

On my end of things, nothing has changed. Without any book contests, my book is as dead as a duck in the water... I feel my writing career is probably over now, but I am satisfied with creating 3 books...

Someone told me the other day that 3 is a powerful number. 3 in religions, 3 in the Pyramids of Giza and other cultures, in which Pythagorean has said it is the noblest of all numbers... Somehow, I am glad I stopped at 3...

Till next time...


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