Part 3 hauled into the Garage again!

I placed Part 3 into the garage again. It will be taken off of the market for 2 weeks again, approximately. The reason for this was a concern of mine about the main characters unsafe actions in the back of the book. I realized that I did not focus enough on the dangers of what the main character had done, and decided to place a sentence in their underlining the main dangers specifically with what he had done.

Of course, you always hope for common sense to prevail. I think allot of authors out there put some unsafe items in their books. Unknowingly, yes. As, I only stumbled upon this detail as I read through it to the back, just over this past weekend. I know parents are smart enough to tell their teenagers what not and what to do. But, we should always reinforce their words, whenever we can, in case the teachings on safety was not done effectively enough.

Throughout many books, there are inherit dangers that are pretty obvious in what not to do or to not try at home. In this scene, I did not feel good about the way I described it. It did have some seriousness to what was happening, and some harmful results, but it did not seem to harm the main character quite enough. Mainly due to his super sheep powers he had accumulated during his zany escapades.

Now, back to the garage. Placing a warning, subtly, as to reinforce the message of safety. Should all writers think of these things before writing their works?  It is easy to be sidestepped, when in the search for a great story and forget about safety and common sense in the background? I think allot of authors do forget about safety in their books, and may need to rethink several scenes, and at least background the dialogue where it can subtly explain how dangerous certain actions can be.

And, it is not as if my book is selling hot off of the shelves... What is another two weeks in the garage?  Till next time..


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