My latest contest is over at Goodreads!

My latest contest has ended today at Goodreads!  The winners are from the Philippines, Romania, Algeria, Portugal, and Macedonia.  It is hard to believe, that no winners were pulled from the USA or Canada, or even the UK. This is ok though, as "The Supermarket Guy" cannot make it on North America, or the great UK alone.

It cost approximately 20 dollars a pop for to mail through air mail, and may take at least 2 weeks to get to the furthest point ( I had sent one to Saudi Arabia awhile back, and it took approximately 2 weeks). The only thing is about the Philippines, the devastation that was caused there, that one book may take much longer to get to this country. The people there suffered a terrible loss of life, we only hope that their country can get rebuilt as quickly as possible, and hope that they have a strong and prosperous future.

This will be the last contest for me until the month of December rolls around. From there, I will decide on the pluses and the minuses of having another. This contest probably attracted 60 people to read my book, somewhere in the uncertain future. Uncertain future, means it maybe purchased or may not be. There are no guarantees with a contest of this sort. I seen many people drop my book, as soon as a contest ended, from their reading shelves.

But, this December, I may just politely ask people on certain sites if they would like to have a free book, and just mail it to them. The criteria would be that they would not have several hundred of "to read" books on their shelves, and that they would give me their mailing address for to send the books to them.  I would also ask for an honest review. I do not care if I get a 1 star on 5. Just as long as I get the public sentiment for my kind of style of writing. So far my 5 star reviews are numerous, more so than the 1 or 2 stars (rare), but yet my reviews are totaling around 22 star ratings so far.

Well, time to go.. But as of now, it appears my book career is on hold. Part 4, I do not have even the energy to continue from the middle to the end... We will see what the days may bring.. Till next time..


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