How about a black weekend?

Just checking on the news, all the fuss about the black Friday sales taking place, primarily in the United States. People camping outside, in line ups for hours, before the doors of the huge retailers actually open. The running towards the aisles, where their deals maybe waiting for them to be taken home. The disappointment when the shelves become starved for many, who just do not have the tenacity or the velocity of the others, rushing for that last package.

Why don't the retailers, spread the blackness over 2 or 3 days, and call it the Black weekend?

3 days, where the retailers can give the same deals, over those three days. Make sure they divide the stock up, for 3 days of sale. Have the goods, available over three days of shopping, to a limit.

This would reduce the insanity of long lines. It would give a chance for others to get the goods that they want, as not everyone can make it on each and every day of the Black weekend... It would reduce the camping out, the rushing, and the disappointment in finding the shelves empty. Well, until Saturday came around. The last day of the big shopping spree.

Here in Canada, the Blackness is just starting to take hold. I did not know nothing of the Black sales event, until just a year or two ago. Boxing day, used to be the big one for sales events, here in Canada. But, I always avoided them in order to avoid the crowds. The wait at the tellers, the rush to the product, and such. Nowadays, we see many retailers offering sales events over a series of a few days. Just recently, I seen a few flyers come in with some sales events of their own, advertising a few specials, over a day or two. This is a very interesting phenomena. Is it just to get rid of overstocked items? Or is it just to get people interested in their stores, once again?

"The Supermarket Guy" books do talk about much of reducing prices, of competing, in order to achieve success. But no where did I touch the subject, where the CEO's used a day of sophisticated shopping madness... Maybe in Part 4...

Till next time..


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