Cold November days.

Guess we cannot complain. In the 80s, we used to get a pile of snow in November. This past half of the month, it seems it has been terribly cold, as compared to years gone by. The water puddles, streams and lakes are frozen near their edges. We had some snow flurries last night, but not enough to produce any accumulations.

The past few years, we had gotten use to a milder winter. Even when I go outside, I can feel the blistering cold much worse than it was when it was always like that. Being accustomed to this weather has fallen to the wayside, but maybe the thermostats are starting to come back to normal... A little bit..

No news on my books. There are no new reviews, and I had not much of a plan of action for the next few months to come. I may give a few more away on Goodreads, through my own actions, but unsure of this until December shows up. My rankings on my books are around 2 million for Part 1 paperback, 900 000 for the kindle version, and 800 thousand for the Part 2 kindle. Part 2 Paperback did not seem to register the tracking for it yet.  These three books went to the approximate low 100 of thousand mark awhile back, due to a sudden surge of sales. This did not last for long...

Christmas decorations are already popping up in Northern NB. I will have to ready  mine, before the snow really flies.. Much easier to put up the decorations when there is no snow on the ground to push around..

Till next time..


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