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How about a black weekend?

Just checking on the news, all the fuss about the black Friday sales taking place, primarily in the United States. People camping outside, in line ups for hours, before the doors of the huge retailers actually open. The running towards the aisles, where their deals maybe waiting for them to be taken home. The disappointment when the shelves become starved for many, who just do not have the tenacity or the velocity of the others, rushing for that last package.

Why don't the retailers, spread the blackness over 2 or 3 days, and call it the Black weekend?

3 days, where the retailers can give the same deals, over those three days. Make sure they divide the stock up, for 3 days of sale. Have the goods, available over three days of shopping, to a limit.

This would reduce the insanity of long lines. It would give a chance for others to get the goods that they want, as not everyone can make it on each and every day of the Black weekend... It would reduce the camping out, the rushing, and…

Wrapped up some pennies today..

Wrapped up some pennies today, what I think will be the last time I do so... Then I began to think, do any of these things have value?  I counted from 2011 to 1964 in a straight line, the pennies that I had amassed. I had a few in the 50s, and a very rare few in the 40s... Nothing after that..

I went on the page, on coins and Canada-

There, I seen a 1955 penny at a value of 600 dollars, for a special type. I do not have that penny, darn the luck. All the pennies upward into the mid 60s, can fetch sometimes for a dollar or so. 25 coin pieces from the 60s could earn you 5 bucks a pop...

And then there are those who look for the date when they stopped putting real copper in the pennies. Copper maybe worth more than the penny, itself... The melt value could be double, of that of the penny. It is said that in 1996 the Canadian government stopped using copper in their pennies…

Much typical quote from my braggart of a main character...

"Sure, Luce.. Every woman and the world loves me... But you are still looking forever plastic and gas tight, so why would I ever want to leave you"-  true romance still exists, "The Supermarket Guy" humor books..

Yep, that was a good one.. I think.. We all know that some men do think they are Gods gift to women, or a chick magnet. I know a few of my friends that probably still think they are chick magnets, still chasing after the cougars and the young ladies... All high styling and profiling... It makes for great comedy, at any rate..

Till next time..

Purchased two books from my authors friend list!

Yes, I went and done it again! I purchased two books from my authors friend list! One is a sort of romance novel, the other a mystical magical one. The first of the two, will not be available until next year. The author told me in a message, just as soon as I purchased the book. This took me by surprise, as I never ordered a book before that was not actually in print.

The fact that the book is in the works, and is currently showing available for purchase on Amazon, yet not truly available, is an interesting sales strategy.

First, the sales from the book may possibly only show up when the book is ordered? Or am I thinking wrong here. Could this boost the Amazon ranking, place the book in the top 100, once the orders go through in a year... Possibly, many orders, all happening at the same time. Truly, if I would have known that the book would take that long to get here, I may not have ordered it. As, I needed a book to read, right now. So, it caused me to order another. This one is in …

Silver Stallion

What a great song by The Highwaymen. True Legends, of country music. I do not think there is one bad song, on their CD. It is hard to believe, how they all come together when their careers were nearly, almost, at an end by the new and up and country coming up. Their concerts were full, their music was simple, yet with true harmony and great words of inspiration.

Johnny Cash, Chris Kristopherson, Waylon, and of course Willie... Go and sample their music, maybe even on You Tube... Great music, great artists, great American and folklore...

I am listening now to, Angels love bad men...  They knew how to turn on a song, and lean into it with great acoustics.. Till next time..

Snow this morning in Northern NB!

The snow has finally arrived. Just a few centimeters this morning, the roads were covered and it made the turns a little slippery. I do have winter tires on, but I still do reduce my speeds somewhat in winter driving. Wet slushy snow, can haul a vehicle over on the side or to the middle of the road at times.

The snow plows were only out in certain communities, as when driving through, most roads were snow packed and slippery. We are expected to get a winter storm in the next few days, of several centimeters. It maybe a good ski doo season. Skiers maybe waxing their equipment as we speak, in great anticipation of hitting the slopes a little earlier this year. The earlier the snow falls, the better it is for the winter tourism season here, in the North.

Besides that, no news on the book. Reviews are slow coming, and am anxious to see something, somewhere. I did write a little more on Part 4, but when leaving the story alone for a long while, I need to reread it again and see what direc…

Cold November days.

Guess we cannot complain. In the 80s, we used to get a pile of snow in November. This past half of the month, it seems it has been terribly cold, as compared to years gone by. The water puddles, streams and lakes are frozen near their edges. We had some snow flurries last night, but not enough to produce any accumulations.

The past few years, we had gotten use to a milder winter. Even when I go outside, I can feel the blistering cold much worse than it was when it was always like that. Being accustomed to this weather has fallen to the wayside, but maybe the thermostats are starting to come back to normal... A little bit..

No news on my books. There are no new reviews, and I had not much of a plan of action for the next few months to come. I may give a few more away on Goodreads, through my own actions, but unsure of this until December shows up. My rankings on my books are around 2 million for Part 1 paperback, 900 000 for the kindle version, and 800 thousand for the Part 2 kindle. …

My latest contest is over at Goodreads!

My latest contest has ended today at Goodreads!  The winners are from the Philippines, Romania, Algeria, Portugal, and Macedonia.  It is hard to believe, that no winners were pulled from the USA or Canada, or even the UK. This is ok though, as "The Supermarket Guy" cannot make it on North America, or the great UK alone.

It cost approximately 20 dollars a pop for to mail through air mail, and may take at least 2 weeks to get to the furthest point ( I had sent one to Saudi Arabia awhile back, and it took approximately 2 weeks). The only thing is about the Philippines, the devastation that was caused there, that one book may take much longer to get to this country. The people there suffered a terrible loss of life, we only hope that their country can get rebuilt as quickly as possible, and hope that they have a strong and prosperous future.

This will be the last contest for me until the month of December rolls around. From there, I will decide on the pluses and the minuses of …

The end is near... for my book series... that is...

Well, I have been going over the status of Part 3, especially over Goodreads, Amazon and my own author site and webpage. Things are pretty sour at this point in time. After the first contest, Part 3 has taken a dive in the "to read" segment.

Even with 500 people listed to read my book on Goodreads, the problem is that these reads will not come for many years down the road. Maybe 10 years down the road, for the majority of them. Many of the book readers their have hundreds, if not thousands of books ahead of mine to read on their lists.

It will truly take a miracle to get your book, to be viewed, to be pushed by an organization or a group where it can take off from that point of realization, that it is there.

Despite good ratings, on all 3 books, this means nothing without some sort of marketing scheme. Even the best marketers will tell you, even a halfway bad sort of book can sell very well if it has a tremendous push or money behind it. You need to be a master of the marke…

Remembrance day tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Remembrance day, and around this area their has been a great "poppy" movement to get the poppies out to people everywhere. In many different convenience stores, around the area, the poppy tray stood at the exits of many of the local stores. Old men, but some younger cadets, did a great service in trying to raise money for the veterans of many wars. The poppy fund, in all intents and purposes, is exposed to go to help veterans in need.

I made a donation and bought a poppy several weeks ago. Sometimes I would forget to put it on, as it clung on to a certain jacket in the house, and would feel somewhat guilty for not putting it on. These days we are so busy with affairs, that I forgot to switch the poppy over to my other jacket. I would pass by the stations, still donating money, and just acknowledging that I had one home, without taking a poppy from the tray.

Some members of my family who were WW 2 veterans, were asked if they needed money from the poppy fund many…

Part 3 hauled into the Garage again!

I placed Part 3 into the garage again. It will be taken off of the market for 2 weeks again, approximately. The reason for this was a concern of mine about the main characters unsafe actions in the back of the book. I realized that I did not focus enough on the dangers of what the main character had done, and decided to place a sentence in their underlining the main dangers specifically with what he had done.

Of course, you always hope for common sense to prevail. I think allot of authors out there put some unsafe items in their books. Unknowingly, yes. As, I only stumbled upon this detail as I read through it to the back, just over this past weekend. I know parents are smart enough to tell their teenagers what not and what to do. But, we should always reinforce their words, whenever we can, in case the teachings on safety was not done effectively enough.

Throughout many books, there are inherit dangers that are pretty obvious in what not to do or to not try at home. In this scene, I…

Goodreads "Cast your your vote" for the 2013 best books!

The Goodreads "Cast your vote" for the 2013 best books awards, are now here!

The readers decide whose books will be the best of the best! What a great contest, and it is truly the readers who decide whose book is the best!

I am now preparing my winning speech as we speak. There is no doubt I will win in all the categories, except for the horses *(&  trophy category...

Alright.. So I may come in a close 1000th in the humor realm of things. This is a tough competition, and you have to be from the land of the ducks and not be bad to your monkey... To win this thing...

I do not expect to get even nominated this year... I really would not want to win an award like that, anyways. It is nice for the authors to show that they had reached the top, but once you are there, where are yeah? How can you successfully reach the pinnacle every year. If your books did not do well in the voting in the years ahead, it would make a writer feel... Maybe just a little, sad... Maybe...