Time is the most precious gift you got.

Time is the most precious gift. I was thinking about how in the past few years, I had little time for myself. Some people have allot of time to go on vacation, fishing, or even go hunting if they so desire. My time has been eaten up by allot of different personal things in my own life.

What makes time so precious. It is friends, family, relatives, and accomplishments. What I mean, is the things you do. You see an end result and watch it grow. It could be your children, a work of art, or a principle you set forward. That last one is if perhaps you could be a politician.

What eats up your time?  People who are dependent on you, laziness, spending too much on bad habits, or what not.

This year I intend to go fishing. I will try to break the mold of being to busy in the last few years. Part 4 of my series can wait till November, but only if sales do occur. If things go awry this time, for the third time, I will put an end to my writing career. Use time for something more constructive.

It should be really easy to have time. Some people have no choice but to work 60 hours plus a week to make things work. They have children to put to school, and bills to pay. For these people, I truly applaud them. Some people take on second jobs to do what they got to do to get by. We can only hope things can get better, and that they can find the time to do what they want to do on the side somewhat.

Time is beautiful. Thank goodness for time... Till next time..


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