Takes 90 days before a book release to start a contest on Goodreads.

90 days before a book release, then I can start a book contest on Goodreads. I have approximately until September or October before it is released.

I could do a pre contest on here, but the last time I did not get many bites. Seems like people are shy to ask or even enter into a contest on a blog site. At least mine. So far to date.

The last few contests I had, on this blog site, I had a hard time to fill the winners. Why? I dunno. With Goodreads, I get several hundred contestants, and the books fly off of the shelf to the winners.

If you think I should have a contest to win a book on here, just pass me a comment. I would love to hear from somebody. Anybody?  Comment on anything, you see on this blog. Share your ideas, thoughts on something you liked or something that has similarly happened to you.

Ask me any questions on the book business. I will try to answer them. The next blog maybe about your questions. Do not be shy. Till next time....


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