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Trying to explain "Mozart Requiem" and the link to "The Supermarket Guy 3: Supermarket Dominium"

It was a part around just after the mid point of the book. I thought of a scenario, where a very important, thrilling, music was needed for a background piece to move the action along. To make things interesting.

It had to be classical music. After all, isn't that was where all the modern music we all listen to today takes its roots from?  As my English instructor once told me, there are only so many plots that we can take and make a story out of, and it all originated from Shakespeare. Interesting concepts. Are we just expanding on what was then?

Here is a link to the Mozarts Requiem from a St. Matthews choirs internet page.

Very strong words, and it was indeed Mozarts last work. He did not have time to finish it, from how the story goes from Wikipedia, but it was completed by a different artist over time.

In reading the words, it directs you to a poignant, straight, get to the point to a kind of a last stand. The end. A funeral mass. A point of transition from life to death, perhaps.

Maybe you can see something different in there. All I know, is that it fit in a good place with the book. A humor book, of all things. The life and death struggle that occurs when the piece is played, and is referred to 3 times in my book, during 3 such satirical struggles.

I was taken aback on how randomly choosing a song of such transition for someone who passed away, and how it does somehow powerfully fit with the theme of the book and the severity of the situations at hand.

I began to study the piece of music I chose, from a list of Mozarts music I knew not, that I typed in before even knowing the words or meaning to it.

I then realized it was meant to be placed in there, that it fitted exactly where it should be, like destiny or fate as they meshed intrinsically together like the stone work in a mausoleum for the defeated in battle.

Till next time...


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