Tomorrow the Book Cover will be sent to the publisher.

The book cover has a funny scene from the book, right there in front for all to see. And what may possibly take place, in the future, is happening all around. You can see how the main character has possibly changed into something new... Something unknown...

I am glad I changed the book cover. The first one had the main villain on the front in a stance of glory, with his hands spread out powerfully and encompassing the main theme of the book. The other villain, Harolds old nemesis was down on his knees too, trying to avoid his fury. The main character was down on the sand, bewildered and fatigued from the heat of the desert.

I hate to truly reveal the cover of the book here. I thought I could do it, and spoke about doing it, but it is even harder to do it now, as to take effect away from the books launch. I do not believe I can reveal the book cover here earlier than expected, because of the changes I made in mid stream took me by surprise. Maybe I can post the old book cover I was thinking about, on here... I will see if I can find it tomorrow..

That is the main fear right now. And I began to understand, as to how good the cover really and truly is. It is funny, mysterious, and threatening all in one scene. I think this one is really going to be interesting...

Till next time.. sending my book cover in tomorrow...


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