Things have been idling along.

I have been on idle status. Nothing happening as of yet. Work has taken most of my time away from the last trail of editing on Part 3.

Want to wish a happy mothers day to all the moms out there in internet land. My mother is old enough that she did wash clothes on the washboard, they had no electricity for a time, and they baked most of their own bread and done their own preserves for the winter months. She did not have an easy life, as I was a baby that required 24 hr attention. I cried, 24 hrs a day when I did not sleep in between for an hour or two at a time, so the vacuum cleaner ran and the car drives somehow kept me content, and stopped me from balling.

Once again, where would we be without mothers. Thanks to all the moms for their caring!

My Part 3 has not got much progress to date. This frustrates me somewhat, that even being so close to the finish line I just want to dump it in the drawer and let it collect dust.  I just cannot stand getting off of one job and onto another in mid stream. I like to complete my work, and somehow I feel that I have failed in being so late with it.

Maybe it is just not meant to be. I almost feel like giving up at times, but getting into another project somehow down the line. Somewhere, but where?

Till next time...


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