Reason behind creating Part 3.

I said I was not going to do it, but I could not resist. I started up Part 3 into full production. Some of the reasons are as follows, but it was a difficult decision altogether.

First reason was the reviews on the past two books. I had some formidable reviews, from people in the USA and in Canada. This stuck in my mind, as Part 3 is around the realms of Parts 1 and 2 in its very own zany way. I am unsure if I deviated from the norm or not, but the critics will see.

Second reason was that the book was good. The series was good. I felt it was good. I had that feeling, or senses tingling, that this would truly cap it off. Even if the book did not succeed, I could put an end to it here and be satisfied.

Third reason, I know a little more about the book business now. I will try a few things better, to get into contests earlier and such.

Fourth reason,  having created three books on a slate can only help things progress, somehow, along. By having volume, maybe Part 4 can happen in the year ahead. Maybe. We will see. I felt the series was truly complete now, and that even Parts 4 and 5 would be just top ups.

Fifth reason, knock on wood, everything was good for me this spring to produce Part 3. I felt good, and I wanted to be creative again.

It will be a month for their first draft to come into my hands.

Those are the reasons why I jumped into production again. Till next time..


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