Breakfast was 15 minute drive.

There used to be a place where you could get breakfast around here at 6 am in the morning. All except the popular Tim Hortons chain is open, and you do get tired of that ever so often. Breakfast sandwiches can only go so far, you know.

With the loss of jobs in this area, so have we seen the closure of allot of restaurants, gas stations, specialty shops and what not. We just had the mines close here a little while ago, gone with it are 900 jobs.

Not that I eat out at restaurants all the time. I just wanted a break, and something different from what I do too. The breakfast was good, and went as far as the next town to get something in my stomach. Eggs benedict with pan fries, with the pan fries actually crispy. Not soggy. I nearly went to Tim Hortons, as they have expanded their menu a bit. I go there quite often for a cafe latte.

Here is a tip for those in Russia, Europe, UK, who live in the big villages. Of course, nothing is guaranteed in life, but it seems the price of coffee does very well. Tim Hortons franchises in Russia in fairly large populations of 20 thousand would do very well. I could see it do well in Europe as well, or even in Asia. Seek expert advice before advancing in such an endeavor, though. You can never trust advice on the internet, usually...

Around here, it is always packed in the morning. At this time, people are going to work, and are looking for something to pick them up. I see my co workers arriving often with, a Tim Hortons coffee in hand.  But, maybe it is just a Canadian fad, as in the USA perhaps it is not as popular but I think they are doing alright.

Open a Tim Hortons. Or sell a product everyone can afford. You will do well.  I could not do it around here, as someone else has the territory...

Till next time, still writing books....


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