60 % done of third draft.

Today I did a bit more progress on Part 3. 60 % done on the final draft.

Still allot of work to do, but am getting there. Now on time off, I will expect to be done this draft within two to three days. That will take me into the weekend.

Then the editing decision. Who will do it. Not sure. Looking to reduce costs. Just do an E Book? Maybe forget about the editing all together. I did the editing. Would you mind a few errors in the text, at a super price of a few bucks for a humor book of approximately 270 to 280 pages?

Thing is, I find that even some E Book publishers want to set the electronic books at a high price. Not necessarily my doing, but that is the way it is all geared. I did try to reduce my E books to a much lower price, but that is as far as I could go as everyone wants a slice off of the work. 3.99 for each book, of the first parts of the series, is just the price of a Starbucks!

Have to continue correcting. Actually found some hard fought time tonight.

Till next time.


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