10 pages of material left to go over.

10 pages of the third draft to go over.  I still cannot believe that I am not done my work yet.

Usually I am always, ahead of my schedules.

A newborn baby can take allot of time away from your projects. Even weight training, which I regularly enjoyed, has taken a real back seat. I may return to it once the baby is more stable. I hope this period comes when he is on solid foods.

Although, the sleep is really getting better, as in the past few weeks. Everything adds up in taking time away from these projects.

With this third draft, I did add some new comedy to the material. It is amazing what you can add to a writing, just by continually reading over it again and again. I am sure if I read it through a 4 th time, I would be able to continue to add humor to it. Just ideas seem to grow and branch out, over time. You look at the scenes analytically, on how to improve the bang. I think if you go too far, you can go bust. Or get a little too cheesy, like in the genre of a Scary Movie- Maybe that is ok too, if you like cheesy moments as well. No doubt, there is a little cheese in my writings as well.

So that is the progress report, thus far. The book is nearly there. I just need the time to finish it. And it is hard, getting dedicated time. Dedicated, meaning, quiet time. I notice sometimes when I read, I get interrupted often by the family at times. This happens, and it does not help for the concentration aspect of getting the scenes done up right.

Mozarts Requiem,  is in the book as well. A great masterpiece of time!  It is quite coincidental with the book, which I did not even realize at the time!

Requiem... In a humor book.. How could this have come to be?

Till next time...


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