Worked on "Supermarket Dominium" today!

The first few pages of my Part 3 of "The Supermarket Guy" series bothered me for a good while. I found the entrance to the story quite a bit dull. I spiced it up today, rearranged a bit of the dialogue between one of the main characters and the extra, and it is way more better tuned towards where it should be. A second, third, reading will get things on track better.

Being very busy as of late, not much time to go over the rest. I had only the time to go over the first 10 pages, and probably added a page in writings. If time permits, I will try to do more tomorrow. I would like to draw the cover page of Part III and put it on here. That maybe the next step.

To do an E book for me, was a difficult decision. It meant no paperback version this year, as sales did not trumpet its arrival of the two past versions. I could not continue to churn out books that could not cover the tremendous cost of the whole package. It may take several years to recoup the costs, if the books are not forgotten.

The E books cost significantly less to produce, with some sites offering in the 100s of dollars to others free. It is good to choose a site where you can keep your rights to your material, and offer the maximum exposure.

I am not sure where to go yet. There is Book Baby, Amazon Kindle Direct, Smashwords, Lulu, and Book tango to name a few. It is hard to decide, as each site has their own different applications, rules, and exposure limits.

I will continue to check them out, if time permits... For now, drawing the cover or Part 3.

Till next time..


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