10000 page views later...

I made it to the big 10 0 0 0. This was a target which, in retrospect, looked so dismal and far when I first started this blog.

I would say it was just about a year ago, when the numbers started to get better. From 140 a month, to sometimes well into the 800s when things were really rolling for me.

The next plan, is to try to get a video of a famous wizard to read a segment of my book, on You Tube!!!

He has to be good looking!  Muscular, and have the voice of Zeus or Alvin da Chipmunk!!!

It is going to be hard to find this individual, but I think he can be found. If not, I will try to coax my dog with treats to do it! She does nothing for free!

Well, that is it for now.  Thanks to you, the viewers for my 10 000 th view...


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