Pausing for real lifes unexpected inconveniences...

Have been away from this blog for a bit. Nothing urgent, or no broken bones yet. Thank heavens. But, it happens to us all. A water pipe breaks in the house, your car won't start while in town, or your one of your relatives has problems. Then you go to help them out.

My fathers sewerage line froze, at least we think it did, over the last few days of the cold spell we had in this minus 30 to 40 C weather. It is milder now, and we intend to push steam up the pipe, to melt it all out. We hope that is all it really is. Temporary toilets were put upstairs. We have this huge toilet portapotti set up upstairs in a room. It can last approximately a week, before it needs to be flushed. Maybe down my toilet, if we cannot get theirs up and running. Very inconvenient, but these things happen from time to time.

I will try to get a cartoon up and running this evening. A reminder, that these cartoons are drawn completely on the first try. There is no first, or second drafts!!! I am not trying to be perfect, and just trying to see how they turn out on the first try with my black ink pen. To be honest, there is only one out of the approximate 50 that I restarted the work on. It is because the dimensions were too out of whack. Really out of whack. That was the first or second cartoon slide from the beginnings. Since then, it has been only 1st drafts up here.

So I should rephrase that. Only if the cartoon really goes out of whack, I will do a 2nd draft.  No news on my book front.

Gaudrat and Goupie will soon meet "Beerthoven", in an attempt to figure out who is his assassin, and to stop the fiend in his tracks. Are they up to the task?  Can they save him, so he can sing and share his beautiful song in 2032 to make the world a happier place?  As the Master Blaster foretold.  We will soon see. Now, as a cartoonist, I was going to go in 3 different directions. One was for them to go on the Military side to save riches, and the other on the environmental side to save something. I decided to go to the Rock Star saving mode, for this time..

I seen the recent success of "Dairy of a Whimpy Kid", as I see them all over the place in the malls. Great idea, of a sort of drawing and writings of a Whimpy Kid. It is amazing how some of that stuff can just suddenly take off.  It was a friend that told me of that series, as I would probably have only known about it a while later when just passing by the books last week at the mall.

Have a great evening, till next time...


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